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When abortion became the law of the land on January 22, 1973, a part of America died. The chaos of an anti-life culture has gone unchecked as the battle for LIFE rages on.

An abortion industry analyst recently noted that the last decade was devastating for the abortion industry. Now, a new decade has dawned, and with the abortion industry on the run, it is time for us to UNITE.

We are so much stronger together than we are apart.

And our mission of making abortion illegal and unthinkable will not be easy. We need every single one of us, each with our own unique talents and strengths, on ONE team.

This is YOUR chance to be a history maker.

So, the question is... where do you fit in?

Take a moment to reflect on each of the following five "job descriptions" we need to fill in the pro-life movement below and SELECT the one that best fits your unique strengths and skills.

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I Am... A Mind Changer

Abolishing abortion is not only making abortion illegal but also unthinkable. Culture drives politics, and changing hearts and minds helps build a culture that respects all human life. A heart changed is often as simple as a good conversation. Effective mind changers are...

  • Knowledgeable about pro-life apologetics
  • Up to date on pro-choice arguments
  • Able to approach dialogues with civility and compassion

I Am... A Political Player

It was politics that gave us Roe v. Wade, and it will be politics that will reverse it. The political path to making abortion illegal is pursued on many fronts, from showing up at state capitols to support pro-life bills to making phone calls or knocking on doors to get out the vote for a pro-life candidate. Great engagers in public policy are...

  • Eager to talk to neighbors, friends, and family about why they should Vote Pro-Life First,
  • Are knowledgeable about the political process,
  • And are always on the lookout for pro- (and anti-) life legislation in their state and in Washington, D.C.

I Am... A Respectful Protestor

The abortion industry is rich, powerful, and convinced they can get away with anything. Often, abortion lobbyists and officials depend on secrecy to sneak through pro-abortion bills and open new abortion facilities. Pro-life advocates who effectively counter the abortion industry are...

  • Quick to arrange protests or other action against pro-abortion activities,
  • Bold but respectful in their messaging,
  • And well-connected to other pro-life activists & groups in their community.

I Am... A Helping Hand

There’s a strong message of “you can’t” that lurks in pro-choice rhetoric. The difference for countless mothers in crisis is a simple message of “you can.” By creating the safety net of resources that mothers facing an unplanned pregnancy need, abortion takes a giant step towards becoming unthinkable. Many of these resources already exist; women just need to be pointed in the right direction. Good purveyors of pro-life supportive services are...

  • Compassionate towards women of all circumstances,
  • Empathetic in conversation,
  • And knowledgeable about local and national pregnancy resources.

I Am...A Frontline Warrior

Abortion is a business, and a business is nothing without its customers. In a world where women don’t feel like they need abortion, abortion disappears. To effectively reduce abortion’s supply and demand, you have to be everywhere abortion is. Frontline warriors are...

  • Properly trained and participate in sidewalk counseling,
  • Peaceful witnesses outside of abortion facilities,
  • And help keep Planned Parenthood out of their local schools.

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